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AranPaint+PLUS is a software for creating textured knitting stitch patterns
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AranPaint PLUS is a one-of-a-kind software program for creating textured knitting stitch patterns quickly and easily.
This "big sister" of AranPaint provides an extensive library of stitches including cables, yarn overs, decorative increases/decreases, bobbles, slipped stitches, plus many more, which can be arranged on the screen to build a virtual representation of a stitch pattern.

Another unique tool included with AranPaint PLUS is the Raised Motif Designer. Use Raised Motifs to create a highly-textured, or embossed effect. Once created, each Raised Motif can be painted onto the stitch pattern in the same way as the individual stitches.

AranPaint PLUS also generates fully-editable documents containing all the information about the pattern, including pattern designer, size of the pattern , stitch key, along with choice of chart, text or both. Documents can be printed out and shared with friends, transferred to compatible PDAs, posted on the internet, or inserted into other documents such as sweater pattern leaflets.

AranPaint PLUS is fun and easy to use, and anyone wishing to create truly original designs will find it invaluable. With AranPaint PLUS, "cables and lace are all in their place".

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